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What are the Most Common Types of Essay

Word essay has been derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’, which roughly translates to a first attempt or practice. Thus, the essay basically comprises the opinion of the writer on some given topics in a comprehensive way. Essays generally consist of four important portions: an outline, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.  

Essays are of five types; descriptive, narrative, expository, argumentative, and persuasive essay. An essay should be an organized structure consisting of content, grammar, expression, and arguments. 

Indeed, essay writing is a tough job as it needs a critical thinking approach and command over the topic. This thought makes the students worried as not everybody is as creative. However, you can find multiple options online for professional help.

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Purpose of Essay Writing 

The basic purpose of writing an essay is to present the thoughts of the writer in a coherent manner on a certain topic. A good essay should have organized information, valid reasons, and refrences to strengthen the stance. In other words, you are given a  task; then, you will critically evaluate the topic by thinking, gathering information, and then taking a stance. The reader will be persuaded that your narrative is correct and credible. Apparently, building a strong narrative feels like a difficult task that needs a reliable solution. Consequently, taking help from an cheap essay writer service usa provider can be a good option from a reputable company. 

Types of essays 

An essay has different types and in which the information is presented on the basis of presentation of facts, organization of points, facts, the narration of ideas and events. However, the following are some common types of essays.  

Descriptive Essays

As the name indicates, the writer will describe something like object, emotion, person, situation, place, and experience in a way that the reader can imagine it vividly. This type of essay paints a picture with words in readers’ minds. It is an art that will engage the reader’s sense of appreciation and familiarity. 

My favorite corner/place in my home, my first pet, and my first canvas painting gift are some of its examples.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay describes any previous events and personalities. Actually, the writer shares their personal experience in this type of essay. This type of essay is a way of conveying personal experiences and informing or entertaining others. A narrative essay is slightly different from a descriptive essay because it does not involve emotions and detailed descriptions. You just have to narrate the event or incident as it has happened. Examples include A memorable trip to Hawaii, my first day at school, a horrible incident in childhood, etc.

Expository Essay

This genre of the essay needs a diversified approach. A more focused and clear style is required to grasp this essay. The topic should be explained simply, and all the necessary relevant information. It neutrally explores the topic and is purely based on facts and stats. Expository essay comprises compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect analysis. In this type of essay, a writer is more focused on previously given information instead of building an argument. These are more focused on scientific topics that expose information or knowledge. Review papers, book reviews, scientific papers come in this category. Here are some of the sample topics of expository essays: what are the cause and effects of environmental changes in the USA, Do aliens exist? Consequences of doing the job with studies.

Argumentative/ persuasive

In this genre of the essay, you develop a stance, opinion,  hypothesis, or theory about the topic and then try to prove the truthfulness or accuracy of your argument/statement. The basic purpose is not just to state the facts but to convince the reader about the writer’s opinion. Issues like politics, corruption, poverty, education, etc., fall under this category. It is an interesting type in itself as it also states the facts of the opposite stance. A writer defends his stance on a topic using facts and figures. 

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A persuasive essay is also based on arguments, but the writer is more focused on one stance and convinces readers to believe in his opinion. Examples include:  Is gender equality a myth? How do Americans think about feminism?  A movement of “Black Lives Matter” in the USA.

Here is the slight difference between them.

Argumentative essay: The writer explains the side story with facts and solid evidence and leaves the reader to believe which works best for them.

Persuasive essay: the writer takes charge and makes his audience believe in his argument and favorite angle of the story.

Always keep in mind, academic essays require well-researched information and good writing skills. Students consider it difficult, but option doors are always open on google.

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