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Write A Perfect Persuasive Essay- A Complete Guide To Help You

Have you ever seen a lawyer argue before judges? Writing an essay can be just like that. The writer picks one side of the claim and builds arguments to persuade readers into an agreement with their standpoint; they must make strong, compelling claims if they want people to listen carefully enough so as not only to understand but agree too! A persuasive paper is common among students–and often causes them frustration when it isn’t difficult at all really!.

But if you’re confused and do not know how to write a persuasive essay. Don’t be. Follow this guide and learn how to write an effective persuasive essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essays are an attempt to convince people of your point-of view. It means to convince someone with valid arguments and support. They’re similar to argumentative essays, where the writer attempts to persuade others through research and understanding both sides. 

While persuasive writing does take some effort on behalf of doing an extensive amount of rigorous thinking about what persuasive writers want to convey to readers. But it is the responsibility of the writer to portray his point in a way that the reader can easily grab and accept it. You will also need to use counter arguments in order to highlight the shortcomings of the other side in order to prove your point.

What Is The Purpose Of A Persuasive Essay

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the audience and make them agree with you. When elaborating a persuasive essay, you should _____provide evidence or information that their side has more value in it so they may succeed in convincing readers while providing strong arguments against whatever argument could be made by someone else opposing it (in other words: counterargument).

For effective persuasive essay writing, it is important to consider these factors

  1. Prove all points with relevant evidence or logical reasoning
  2. Make them laugh when appropriate (witty)
  3. Use emotion-grabbing techniques such as repetition and surprising statistics 
  4. Be engaging so it doesn’t seem boring 
  5. Provide sufficient explanation regarding every detail 
  6. Quote authorities who support what you’re saying 
  7. End on an optimistic note 

What Are The Three Basic Components Of A Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays consist of three basic components:

  • Issue
  • Side
  • Argument

Typically, this type of essay is written for class. A professional essay writer may combine these three parts or weave them together in a more creative way.

Characteristics Of A Persuasive Essay

Good persuasive essay contains following characteristics:

  • Persuasive – You need your writing to be persuasive so that the reader can feel your confidence.
  • No need to go too long or too short – Do not read to write a lengthy essay.  Readers lose their interest while reading. 
  • From the perspective of the reader – Write your essay from the reader point of view as the main purpose of the essay is to convince the reader.
  • Facts and quotes – Try to facts and quotes like medical reports, public surveys, newspaper headlines, etc in essays in order to support your arguments.
  • Write a clear conclusion – End your essay with an optimistic note. Write a clear conclusion as it will stay in the reader’s mind. 

How To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline

The process of writing an outline for persuasive essays is similar to the way you would go about making meals in a kitchen. There are five stages: introduction, body-content1 Content 2 – 4 etc., conclusion which sums up all your points made throughout each paragraph by using relevant information from it as well!

A persuasive essay has five paragraphs. The first paragraph contains your introduction, and the second through fourth are made up of major arguments that could be advanced in support of whatever it is you’re trying to convince people about (e Cupcake?). Your last section should summarize these points for readers.

Read About Persuasive Essay Format

Let’s look at an outline for writing persuasive essays. Follow the steps below to write a persuasive essay outline for your middle school, high school, or college essay.

  • First step is the preparation phase where a writer understands the topic and plans to collect information.
  • The second step in writing a persuasive essay is to gather research, which involves understanding your topic and planning how you will find necessary information. 
  • Collect the relevant information and make sure that all the facts are accurate and relevant to the essay conclusion.
  • Once you have done all of your research, it is time to put together an outline that will make sense and be persuasive. To do this properly take note.
  • Take the time to review your work. Pay attention to your facts, flow, and tone.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Good persuasive essays follow the same five-paragraph outline structure as a five-paragraph essay. The number of paragraphs will vary depending on the topic.  In general, persuasive essays follow the below outline.

Persuasive Essay Introduction  (3-5 sentences)

How To Start A Persuasive Essay:A good introduction is so important because it sets up the rest of your persuasive essay. Make sure you have an engaging, interesting and creative opening that will grab their attention in just one sentence!

  • Hook: A famous quotation, a question, or a brief description
  • Statement of the thesis – A strong argument encapsulated in one sentence
  • An overview of the background

Body Paragraphs (3 paragraphs)

  • Supporting evidence for argument 1
  • Supporting evidence for argument 2
  • Supporting evidence for argument 3

How To Conclude A Persuasive Essay (3-5 sentences)

The final paragraph of your Persuasive Essay should summarize what you have said and why it is important  in about 3-5 sentences.. It’s a great way to leave readers feeling like they understand the point.It’s important to end on an optimistic note, so think about how this could be the beginning for future research or action in some way!

  • Summarize
  • Restate thesis statement
  • Make a closing statement
  • Call to action

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

Here are some useful tips for writing a persuasive essay. 

  1. Introduce your position clearly in the introduction.
  2. Consider all the opposing arguments. 
  3. Identify the strongest ones and put them in a list.
  4. Use the present tense when writing persuasive essays.
  5. Spend enough time conducting thorough research.
  6. Use reliable sources to refute the counter-arguments.
  7. Don’t show judgment when presenting opposing viewpoints.
  8. Use a variety of ways to repeat your main point to capture the readers’ attention. Employ strong and emotive language to stir the emotions of the audience.
  9. In order to make your essay even more authentic, you should use persuasive techniques and logical transitions between paragraphs.

Read More Best Persuasive Essay Topic Examples For Students

Transition Words For A Persuasive Essay

  • For an idea: first, second, third, next, in addition, moreover, furthermore, besides, as well
  • To put an example: for example, for instance, as an illustration, to illustrate, as a case in point, in particular, in general, specifically
  • To enlighten a point: perhaps, probably, for the most part, many if not all
  • To acknowledge a point: granted, certainly, of course, no doubt, surely, naturally, although this may be true
  • To highlight a point: above all, in fact, especially, most importantly, equally important, primarily, mainly, most significant
  • To conclude: overall,  all in all, finally, in brief, on the whole, in summary, in other words, in conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions About Persuasive Essay 

Can You Use I In A Persuasive Essay

When writing a persuasive essay, avoid using first- or second person pronouns like I and you. For example: “You should do your homework,” rather than saying “you.” Instead of referring to yourself in the third person (he/she), use ‘they’ when addressing someone else on behalf of an abstract concept such as society at large instead. Writing persuasive essays requires a more formal language typically used in academic contexts. 

How Are A Persuasive Essay And An Expository Essay Different?   

The main difference between them is that an expository essay explains something while a persuasive essay argues about something.  We will go ahead and explain further how does a persuasive essay differ from an expository essay separately:

Qualities Of  Expository EssayQualities Of Persuasive Essay
An expository essay is a writer’s explanation of a short theme idea or issue.Have a definite point of view.
Have a well-defined thesisMaintain the reader’s interest.
Provide evidence to back up what you are saying. Use sound reading and solid evidence.Research your topic so that your evidence is convincing.
The essay should be concise.Be aware of your intended audience and how to win them over.


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