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How much does it cost to write a thesis?

Every student has to complete a thesis for their degree. Some students prefer to do it independently, while few get it done through writers. The first question anyone asks is, “How much does it cost to write my thesis?”. 

Before answering the question, Let me clear you one thing.

Academic writing is a much more specialized and professional task than general writing. An academic writer must have a strong command of the knowledge of the subject assigned. He should have enough grasp over the writing style provided by APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

Once a student makes up his mind about hiring a cheap essay writer, he contacts writing agencies or individual writers. 

You need to ask about the services provided at that cost. Following are the services that need to be verified before finalizing your deal.

Writing Services:

Confirm which services you need. Either complete thesis writing or some side services.

  1. If you need only grammatical corrections, you should go for a proofreading service.
  1. Editing will be your required choice if your task requires grammatical corrections and slight changes in vocabulary or writing style.
  1. If you want a deep analysis of your work, double-check your content, plagiarism removal, and changes in writing style with multiple edits and revisions. It would help if you looked for an advanced editing service. 

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Time frame:

Time is another important factor in deciding the cost of your thesis. Make sure to discuss your submission time with your writer. Otherwise, it may delay your dissertation and can create a complex problem for you.

Turnaround time is required time to complete a thesis. The cost of the thesis varies indirectly with turnaround time. You will be charged lower if more time is given to the writer, whereas, Cost will be higher for a lesser turnaround time.

We suggest you ask your writer for completion in one or two weeks. Do not rush for your thesis in a day or two. 

Writing a thesis is a research-based work that needs more time for the best results. In a week or two, A writer can easily understand the topic, develop more deep knowledge, and eventually a perfect thesis.

Degree Level:

The cost of a thesis varies with the level of degree. Ask a clear question like, How much does a Ph.D. thesis cost? Or How much does a master’s thesis cost?

Word count:

Packages vary with the provided word count. Generally, 10,000 words are enough for a master’s thesis.

Suppose you are assigned a word count by your supervisor. It would be good. Ask your writer to formulate the entire structure of a thesis within the provided range of words.

With this, Confirm the number of free revisions provided by the writer. It will avoid all kinds of misunderstandings in the end.

Understanding thesis Costs:

Considering these factors from different writers will give you an idea about thesis writing. 

We understand that students can not spend their full pocket money or part-time salaries on a single thesis. Therefore, we have analyzed the competitors and tried our best to provide you with all the best services at cheap rates.

Let’s have a look at the average costs of thesis writing in the market:

Thesis length:

Thesis or Dissertation costs vary depending on the length of the task. Some writers charge based on the number of pages written. Generally, 10,000 words are considered standard for any thesis.

But it may vary depending on your institute, supervisor, nature of the thesis, and subject.

On Average, the Cost of a 10,000-word thesis range from $250-$1000. In contrast, the longest thesis of about 50,000 words costs about $1500-$3000.


The cost of a thesis varies with the nature of the thesis. Complex subjects involving calculations, formulas, and statistics are higher in price, whereas only information-based theses are slightly lower.

Masters and Ph.D. Thesis:

The cost of price varies with the level of degree. Masters Essays, papers, dissertations, and thesis are charged less than Ph.D. ones.

On Average, the price of a Master’s thesis ranges somewhere between 18$ – $50 per page. A Ph.D. thesis costs $25 – $80$ per page.


Pricing depends on the type of services you need. 

  • If you want writing services, check the prices mentioned above.
  • If you want an editing and proofreading service, The Average price is 19$-25$ per page for a Master’s thesis, whereas $25-$30 for a Ph.D. thesis.
  • For advanced editing, you will be charged slightly higher than this rate.


Writing a thesis seems technical to some students and they ask questions about where can I someone for my thesis. Therefore they hire cheap thesis writer for their work. Coming to cost, you need to consider all the important factors like degree level, task length, word count, time frame, and, most importantly, writing style. These elements will help you decide on a justifying cost for your thesis. 


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