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Claim In An Argumentative Essay & Write An Effective Claim

Claim refers to the statement that a writer makes in the introduction of an argumentative essay. It is the position of the writer about the topic that he/she wants to argue. In order to set up an argumentative essay claim properly, the writer needs to be able to prove his/her point to the audience. Therefore, we need to be careful when drafting a claim as it will later be used to support our argument. Argumentative essay writers need to make effective claims in order to write successful argumentative essays. This blog will look at what exactly is a claim in an argumentative essay and how you can go about writing effective claims.

What is a claim in an argumentative essay?

A claim is a statement that is made at the beginning and is reinforced throughout the essay. In an argumentative essay, you have to choose a topic and then present your claim. This claim or argument is what you are going to present in the essay. A claim has to be debatable, i.e., people should have opinions about it. A claim can be supported by reasons and facts.

For example, “smoking is bad for your health” is a debatable thesis because there are people who feel that smoking is good for them. Another debatable thesis is “a person’s nationality should not be important”. Each of these theses can be proven with evidence and examples.

What is the claim in an argumentative text Brainly?

The statements in the text that take a position on an issue or controversy are supported by facts and data. It explains how the evidence in the text fits together with the quotations from primary sources that are used to validate a statement.

How To State Your Claim In An Argumentative Essay

  • Start with an attention-grabbing sentence. 
  • Summarize each text briefly 
  • Describe what you claim. 
  • Don’t forget to restate the prompt. 
  • Restate your claim and your reasoning in the topic sentence.

How Do You Write An Effective Claim In An Argumentative Essay?

Making Claims in Writing

Claiming a point reinforces the main points of your affordable paper writer. Think of claiming as formalizing your argument to take a stand on something, further establishing what you are writing about by putting it into the form of an argument. Now you have a claim statement. The claim is the expanded thesis statement that gives us more information to go along with our topic sentence which is just one part of the whole process of writing our paper.

  1. Claims are matters of opinion, but they are presented as if they are facts and supported by evidence.
  2. A claim is any kind of debatable statement backed up by facts or other types of evidence.

What to Include in a Claim Paragraph

An argumentative claim is an essential part of your document. It will generally appear in the first paragraph, as well as be included alongside a hook to form the introductory paragraph of an essay or other paper. The point a writer wants their reader to understand can be shown through this claim statement, while at the same time it informs them of which direction they will take through the rest of their argument and thus how they decide to proceed when going into their next few paragraphs.

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Statement vs. Claim Example

An argumentative claim doesn’t have to be complex, but it should show more than just a factual statement that is obviously correct. Argumentative statements should be debatable instead. It is your job as a writer to effectively argue for your argument. Take a look at the examples below to better understand what a claim is.

  • statement – If you open an essay by stating, “I own a cell phone,” this is not an example of a claim in writing. Assuming that you do, in fact, “death penalty”, this is just a statement of fact. It is not something that is arguable.
  • claim – If you open by stating, “Can the death penalty be effective?” this is a claim. This is not something that everyone agrees upon. Your paper will need to focus on supporting this claim with evidence.

Which Question Can Help A Writer Analyze A Prompt And Develop A Claim For An Argumentative Essay?

“Why will I be writing this essay?” is the question that may assist a writer in analyzing a prompt and establishing a claim for an argumentative essay. It would considerably help the writer to evaluate a prompt and formulate a claim for the essay if he or she identified the main purpose of the essay.

Which Statement Is An Example Of An Effective Claim For An Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative Claim Examples

Review a few examples of argumentative claims to help clarify what is a claim in writing. These examples can help you identify claims when reading works of writing, as well as provide you with inspiration when you need to write a claim statement.

  • Term limits should be imposed on city council members to prevent one party or group from maintaining control indefinitely.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives should vote to repeal the federal estate tax because it generates so little revenue
  • College students today should learn skills that equip them to work effectively in a virtual environment.
  • School uniforms foster an inclusive educational environment for all students, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.
  • Construction of residential structures can be done with concrete.
  • Social media profiles should not be allowed for children under the age of 12.
  • The idea of spending more than an hour per day on housework is a waste of time.
  • Those who walk at least 10,000 steps per day are generally healthier than those who don’t.

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The examples above are not ‘facts’ that all people agree upon. You may decide that they are reasonable and rational, but even so, some others may have differing views. Each example originates from one person’s personal opinion; in order to make a convincing argument about any of these topics, you will need to provide evidence that supports your perspective. Readers will determine for themselves whether or not they agree with your position based on how successfully you support it and their own understanding/education about the issue yourself.


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