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Best Persuasive Essay Topic Examples For Students

How to Title A Persuasive Essay

While writing a title for your persuasive essay, keep in mind to keep it short and relevant. It should give a glimpse of what your essay is about. Giving a title to a persuasive essay may be difficult for some students and here are some tips on how to title your persuasive essay.

  • Extract the gist of your whole essay, the main idea is your title
  • Make your title catchy
  • Use the same font and Sentence case
  • Use of simple words
  • Incorporate keywords of your essay
  • A question? can also be a great title sometimes

Which Of The Following Would Be An Appropriate Topic For A Persuasive Essay

Finding an appropriate topic for a persuasive essay can be a stumbling block for many budding writers, this is especially true when it comes down to academic expectations in schools, colleges, and universities.

For instance, see how we found out which is the appropriate topic for a persuasive essay with a cheap essay writer.

Which of the following would be an appropriate topic for a persuasive essay?

 A. Why forests do not consist of trees

 B. Essay arguing that wind is just a figment of your imagination 

 C. An essay that argues that the Olympics do not include winter and summer sports 

 D. Why long hair should not be allowed on boys

The D option would make a perfect persuasive essay topic as it is interesting and grasp the attention. People would look forward to what this essay holds in it.

4th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

Fourth-grade students are required to do persuasive writing in their classes. Here are some persuasive essay topics:

  • Students should have less homework.
  • There should be evening school timing
  • Kids need more holidays
  • Parents should be allowed to play in break time with kids
  • School should take kids to the park every day
  • Extracurricular activities should be paid  

Persuasive Essay Topics For 5th Graders

As with each higher level of education, the essay’s difficulty, and diversity increase. The 5 grader students will learn how to make a compelling appeal. These essays will help them develop their communications and critical thinking skills as they make an effort to influence others.

Mentions below are some persuasive essay topics:

  • There should be good communication between Parent and a child  
  • How I want to see my life 10 years later
  • Violent online gaming affect child mental health
  • The food at the school canteen should be free
  • A person should go to jail when he abandons a pet
  • Bullying should be a punishable act

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Persuasive Essay Examples 6th Grade

Here are some persuasive essay topics for a 6th-grade student:

  • Fast food is good for kids and working moms
  • Too much money is a bad thing 
  • The child has privacy too
  • School holidays should be longer
  • There should be no school uniform
  • Habits should be taught at an early age

Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

A middle school student can effectively write persuasive essays on mentioned topics.

  • Is group study effective or a waste of time?
  • Parents should not decide their child’s profession
  • Are physical schools necessary for education today?
  • Is modern technology a blessing or a curse?
  • Driving cars have polluted our city
  • Teenagers need more affection and attention

High School Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing persuasive essays in high school benefits students in developing creative writing skills. They learn how to present their ideas logically. Here are some persuasive essay topics. 

  • Global warming is a threat to life on Earth
  • Scholarship has a great impact on student’s performance
  • Reading a book is more beneficial than watching a movie
  • Religion is a way of life
  • Domestic violence leads to lower IQ children
  • Social media platforms are new means of earning

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Some Interesting Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

If this is your first time writing a persuasive essay, you may find some of these interesting topics to write a persuasive essay.

  • Women should have more leaves than male colleagues
  • University credits hours should have less significance
  • There should be weekly food stall competition in colleges
  • Outdoor sports are better than Indoor games
  • There should be no army in any country
  • Animals are not saved in zoos

Minimum Wage Persuasive Essay

Considering these points you can write an amazing minimum wage persuasive essay.

  • Negative Effects of Raising Minimum Wage
  • Minimum Wage Effects
  • Minimum Wage Laws
  • Minimum Wage the Cause of Poverty
  • From Minimum Wage to Living Wage

Persuasive Essay On Bullying

As you have an insight into this topic, you can write a brilliant persuasive essay on it.

  • How should innocent kids respond to bullies?
  • How kids should save themselves from being bullied
  • Do bullies feel proud or ashamed after bullying timid kids
  • How to stop bullying
  • How should bullies get punished?
  • Should bullies get expelled from school?
  • Bullying doesn’t have serious effects on schools
  • Bullying is almost the same thing as teasing
  • Is it a crime to be a bully?
  • Is bullying overrated in American schools?

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

If you are writing a persuasive essay on the death penalty, see if you are in its favor or not. Whatever your choice is, justify your stance with proper statements in order to persuade readers.

  • Persuasive Essay Against Death Penalty
  • Persuasive Essay: It’s Time To Stop The Death Penalty
  • The Death Penalty Persuasive Analysis
  • Pro Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay On Abortions

This topic is diverse and you can effectively write a persuasive essay on it. Abortion is considered a bad and inhumane act. But if you are willing to write a persuasive essay in its favor you should clearly state your point of view. It can be a medical emergency and urgent for a mother’s health. There can be fetus complications and the medical requirements to do abortion. Being a controversial topic you have to be vigilant about what you are writing. Here are a few topic suggestions to help you get started:

  • Why do anti-abortion groups consider the procedure to be a form of murder? Do you agree with this view in any way? What evidence can you provide to support your opinion on this matter?
  • Do you believe abortion is cruel to all those who are involved? Focus on both the unborn fetus and the pregnant woman? Are there specific factors that determine your decision in all cases?
  • Give reasons for or against government funding of Planned Parenthood clinics? Do you think government funding, which comes from taxpayers, should be used to fund clinics? Is this matter for private funding through donations or grants?
  • Provide reasons why you believe or don’t believe abortion is a right that every woman should have? Should these rights apply to women of certain age or women who make decisions based on certain conditions?

Effective List Of Persuasive Essay Topics – Creative And Easy

  • Texting While Driving Persuasive Essay
  • Is College Worth It Persuasive Essay
  • Animal Testing Persuasive Essay
  • Why You Should Go To College 
  • Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades 
  • Why School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay
  • Why You Should Get A Dog Persuasive Essay
  • Why Students Should Wear Uniforms Persuasive Essay
  • Cause And Effect Of Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay
  • Why Smoking Is Bad For You Persuasive Essay
  • Should Not Wearing A Seatbelt Be Illegal Persuasive Essay
  • Why Social Media Is Bad Persuasive Essay/ Persuasive Essay Topics About Social Media
  • Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School Persuasive Essay
  • Why Would Someone Give A Speech Rather Than Write A Persuasive Essay?
  • Legalizing Marijuana Persuasive Essay
  • Climate Change Persuasive Essay
  • Romeo And Juliet Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids
  • Persuasive Essay On School Uniform
  • Why School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay On Vaccines
  • Racism Persuasive Essay
  • Why You Should Get A Dog Persuasive Essay
  • Lowering The Drinking Age To 18 Essay Persuasive
  • Why Students Should Wear Uniforms Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay iPhone Vs Android
  • Modern Office Spaces Interior Design
  • Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying
  • Persuasive Essay For Euthanasia
  • Donald Trump Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay On Vegetarianism
  • Gun Control Persuasive Essay Examples
  • Why Should School Start Later Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay Marijuana
  • Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay
  • Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School Persuasive Essay
  • Homelessness Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay Topics On Music
  • Persuasive Essay Topic About Social Media
  • Same-Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay About Homework


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