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What is Essay Writing – A Beginner’s Guide!

Essays are a popular and useful form of writing that allows the writer to express their point of view on a given topic. No matter what you are writing about, it’s likely you will one day feel the need to write an essay, whether for school or for work.

There are many different types of essays, including literary criticism, political manifestos, and even personal reflections. Essays contain 500 to 5000 words, with most papers falling under 1000-3000 words. This word range is the ideal amount for writers to develop a strong stance with shreds of evidence and convey it to the reader. 

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Types of essays in academics

There are many genres of essays, but here are the five common types of essay writing in academia that every student must have to write once in their studies. 

Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay can be tricky because it depends on formulating your argument. The assignment is a controversy with two extremes, each with its arguments. This type of essay aims to build strong opinions on a specific issue by providing references and examples. Experts advise to never support both stances in an argumentative essay.

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 Well-written argumentative essay doesn’t involve feelings; instead, it is based on stats, facts, and logic. Students need to think critically for well-written arguments to make the stance strong. If you feel this is a hard job for you, you can get help from an buy essay online fast provider to do your job.

Persuasive Essay

A Persuasive essay is a piece of writing that convinces people to see a certain way by presenting a logical argument with emotional appeal. These can be written for academics or personal writing.

A writer creates a stance to grab readers’ attention on a particular social issue. 

A persuasive essay is also known as an argumentative essay. Here is the difference between both.

In an Argumentative essay: The writer explains the side story with facts and solid evidence and leaves the reader to believe which works best for them.

In the persuasive essay: the writer takes charge and makes his audience believe in his argument and favorite angle of the story.

Expository Essay

To write expository essays, one should have in-depth knowledge of the topic and background research to make a well-researched essay. It exposes the information as it is without mixing it with the writer’s opinion. The scientific writings and research papers are examples of this genre of essay. 

Narrative Essay

The piece of writing tells the readers your story or narrates the life story of a third person. It involves creative writing and lets the writer write his subjective opinion or interesting events chronologically. It unfolds the information through a personal lens and focuses on the subjective form of writing.

Anecdotes, personal blogs, and storytelling are examples of this type of writing. 

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Descriptive essays help the readers create vivid images in their imaginations because the writer has to explain all settings, objects, and scenes with minute details and expressions. Looking for someone to write my paper in your area.

This can be done by using strong descriptive skills to evoke the reader’s five senses. 

In a creative manner, we can say it paints the picture with words in the reader’s mind. It helps to sharpen students’ analytical and creative skills. An example of this essay is when a child writes about his first day at school. If you feel you are not good enough at writing your own story (descriptive essay)  then you hire a professional writer to provide you “cheap essay writer” service.


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